Donate your old bicycle
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About Us
What We Do?
Come letís encourage them by giving our old bicycles which will help in their success cycle.
As many rural children still walk miles away to reach schools and home, we just help them to minimize their destination distance by giving them a bicycle

This bicycle is donated by many genius children and helpful parents, as many of us do not use our old bicycle when we grown up. At that time we have only two options one is to throw this bicycle in to scrap or second is keep it as it is, but Prawas gives you third ultimate option, that you can donate this old bicycle to where this old bicycle mean a lot and you will get smile of that youngster which will give you enormous satisfaction which is normally an expensive Ö
Help us to help them
Your little effort can make their road effortless
You can donate old bicycles of your children or relative. You can also donate multiple bicycles from your society or premises. It would be great if you donate these old bicycles by doing repairs and paint or else we will do it for you

We maintain the record of every bicycle. From whom it donated and to whom it donated. We take care that your small donation will goes in right and needy hands.
Thanks to donors
You made it possible
Proudly announcing that we have donate 300 cycles in just one year we are very thankful to our strong supporters and genius children who had donate their old darling
Its CSR initiative by HSPL pvt ltd. NGO Concept and founded by Mr. Hitesh Chavan
Sanjay Patil talking about concept behind prawas
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